Fifth is not available for play!

Added a curtain so that players wont be able to see my work space when they maximize the screen. UPLOADED HERE!!!

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55 hrs total

Added the girls from apt 11
And changed Michelle’s dialog

Game is complete!

Logged about 53 hours in a span of a little over a month!

Woot woot! Not bad! Good job Rosemary! What should we do next summer?

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1hr credit roll fix

2.5 hr credit roll and congratulatory message. Old well action indicator.

Need to fix credit roll, not working.

5hrs on and off

Added the speech indicator to all NPCs and did all the testing again. Added the mudd patch near joanne, re-arranged the hiding spots for the chicken, added music and sfx. I think I’m done!!! Will upload soon! Maybe. May not be the most intuitive game but I hope people will be able to play it to the end.

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2.5 hrs 

Added Neyba’s intro cut scene. Fixed a cut scene loading bug.

Just gotta add the new speech indicator and we’re done!
Shit. JK gotta add music and sfx X_______________X

Neyba’s cutscene  took a lot longer than it should have. It’s because I haven’t touched the code in over a week and I forgot some of the code.

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Added a cutscene for when the beam comes down and teleports you to the skyhole. Tested all dialogs and fixed a few bugs. Added boundaries to the NPCs so that you can no longer walk through them.

Next, need to add newSpeech indicators and add Neyba’s beginning cutscene! Then… I SHOULD BE DONE!

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Vitality, I learned is the opposite of depression. Not happiness.. but vigor, energy, strength.. the will to live. All of which I believe that I possess.. more than the majority of my companions it seems. I am not speaking of the will to merely live and pass days but the will to live life fully with diverse experiences, skills, and interactions. I learn after speaking with most of my peers that laziness prevails and that it seems everything requires too much effort especially in my generation and the next. Their hobbies vastly involves social media, catching up with the latest shows, and eating the most photogenic foods. I learned I have something rather uncommon it seems: a hobby that actually provokes thinking or creativity. Perhaps I am past my age. Perhaps I am lucky to have found something of my interest at such a young age. Perhaps others will begin to pick up hobbies of their own as they mature. But presently, I know only few of those who care of physical fitness, and even fewer of those who care for a hobby that is disconnected from an electronic. 

I don’t like strenuous physical activity they say.

I haven’t quite figured out my interest.

It takes too much effort.

But what is life without effort? I believe it is the effort that makes life worth living. It is what we have to show for it in the end that is important. Not the countless hours of gaming, watching shows, but the diverse experiences and memories shared.. because that is how we are remembered.

I am thankful to have been graced by my mother with her strong will.

3 Hrs

Today I fixed the portal issue so now it functions properly. I forgot to pass the copy of the coordinates and not the actual reference to the coordinates. I also added the landing dock and the shroud effects. Everything looks good!

Just gotta add the initial animations where Neyba barges into Fifth’s house and do a final test on the dialogs.

Oh yeah… I also need to add the teleport beam…

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